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Fine and uniform fluff on the surface of the flannel fabric


    The production of clothing, home textiles and other products is inseparable from fabrics. I believe you have also noticed that some fabrics have a layer of fluff on the surface and feel very soft and comfortable. The representative product of this type of fabric is flannel fabric. We will introduce it below. Let's take a look at what is flannel fabric and the characteristics of flannel fabric.

    Flannel fabric is a kind of woolen woolen fabric covered with plump and dense fluff. The raw material is mainly mixed color carded wool yarn. It has a delicate and soft hand feeling and excellent thermal performance. It is widely used in spring and autumn clothing, trousers, and tops. , Children's clothing and other industries. The dyeability of flannel fabric is good. After the loose fiber dyeing process, it can form many colors including light gray, medium gray, dark gray milk white, light coffee, etc., and the decorative effect is excellent.

    Flannel fabrics are characterized by fine and uniform fluff on the surface. Clothing and household bedding made of this fabric have good warmth retention. Compared with other fabrics with raised surfaces, the hand feel is more delicate and the surface is smooth. higher. In addition, the color of flannel fabrics has both beautiful styles and plain and simple patterns and patterns, which can bring different enjoyment to life. However, the production process of flannel fabrics is complicated, so the cost is high and the market price is relatively expensive.

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