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Magical Uses of Gel Wine Bottle Cooler

  • Product introduction and application of gel wine bottle cooler:

    Scope of Application:

    1. It can be directly wrapped outside the beverage container to make beer, red wine and other alcohol more refreshing and delicious.
    2. It can be used for heat preservation and heating of beverages such as milk.


    1. For beverage refrigeration, place in the refrigerator for one hour before application.
    2. Heat in microwave or boiling water.


    Do not swallow. If you accidentally touch your skin or eyes, please rinse with plenty of water.


    1. Freeze without freezing at -18°C, simple and convenient to use, keep the beverage at an ideal temperature for a long time, and it is the perfect household daily necessities.
    2. Safe and non-toxic.


    1. In the field, on the way of travel, etc., it is used for freezing or keeping beer, beverages, etc., and the effect is long-lasting, up to several hours.
    2. It can be used alternately between hot and cold for countless times.
    3. Remains soft after freezing.
    4. Easy to carry, simple to use, safe and reliable.


    1. Refrigeration: put this product in the freezer or refrigerator freezer (-18), and pre-cool for more than one hour.
    2. Heating: microwave for 1 minute or boil in boiling water for 5 minutes.


    This product is only suitable for external use. If the package is accidentally damaged and the inner liquid touches the eyes or skin, wash it off with water.


    Store in a cool, dry place or in the refrigerator to protect from UV rays.

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