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Use of silicone seals

  • The cool seal ring is one of the most commonly used materials for the manufacture of sealing elements. This popularity is due in large part to the material's excellent flexibility and working properties. Silicone seals can be made from various grades of silicone, including rubber, foam, and the ubiquitous silicone gel sealant. Solid silicone seals can be flat, gasket type, or extruded as a continuous line. Gel silicone sealants are usually available in tubs or tubes.

    In general, the efficiency of silicone seals can be attributed to the many beneficial properties of silicone. These include excellent resistance to extreme temperatures, good tensile, compressive and shear strengths, and resistance to a wide range of chemicals and environments. These properties make silicone seals ideal for applications with harsh environmental conditions, chemical exposure, and high pressures. They are particularly suitable for internal sealing applications where sealing integrity is achieved through sealing.

    Several types of silicone-based materials are used to make silicone seals. These can be classified as solid or fluid-tight variants. Solid silicone seals are usually made of silicone rubber and foam. These products are molded or extruded in flat or round wire form. Gasket-type seals are a good example of flat-plate type seals. These can be customized to the final shape or cut from stock to fit the application. These seals are usually compressed between two mating parts to prevent gas or fluid leakage.

    Cord seals are also available in finished form or stock lengths. They can be solid or hollow and have a wide range of cross-sectional profiles. Good examples of such seals are O-rings and door seals. These products can also be made of silicone rubber or foam. Silicone cord seals are also primarily used in compression internal sealing applications.

    Liquid silicone sealants are usually supplied in buckets or tubes as a viscous gel solution. These are the most widely used general purpose sealants in industrial and household applications. These include sanitary wear on seals, electrical equipment, plumbing, and various caulking applications. Gel-type silicone seals can be used as a compression seal between mating parts or as a surface sealant. There are several grades of fluids available for a variety of specific applications, but most are heat, chemical, and mildew resistant.

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