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The Buckle Position Of The Over Center Buckle

  • When we bind the goods, we will be annoyed by the length of the binding belt, so at this time we need to use other tools to adjust, and the over center buckle is a good auxiliary tool.

    The over center buckle is connected to the loop of the connector extending in the first direction from the buckle and serves to tension and removably fix the belt extending in the opposite direction to the buckle to the buckle. The eccentric action of the buckle, wherein tension tends to keep the buckle in a locked position, the buckle includes:

    A handle having a front surface and a rear surface, the handle has a pair of opposite sides, each side has a hole sufficient to allow the connector to pass through, and the hole runs along with the handle from each of the opposing lines The extended line extends, and the handle has two distances that extend vertically and parallel to the line, and the distance is sufficient to accommodate the width of the band and leave a gap.