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A Brief Introduction To Over Center Buckle

  • In normal times, we can touch all kinds of buttons. We can see buttons of various styles on our overalls, shirts, or cuffs, and we can also see them during the transportation of goods. Buckle, it is called an over center buckle .

    A button is an object used to fasten two objects and is generally composed of a movable part and a fixed part. The over-center buckle is easy to use, safe, firm, anti-vibration, and strong. It can be closed and opened repeatedly and used countless times. There are many types of buttons, and their uses are also more extensive.

    Both sides of the buckle body are respectively provided with bayonet openings corresponding to the buckle, and corresponding connection points and strip-shaped holes on both sides of the buckle extend outward and are formed to protrude. Corresponding holes and straps are provided on both sides of the front end of the handle. Corresponds to the lock key of the bayonet. It can be quickly separated and fixed, and at the same time, it is convenient to adjust and fix the connection when connecting the belt.

    Of course, in addition to over-center buckle, cam buckle straps with hooks or tensioners are very useful tools for transportation.