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How To Use Cam Buckle Straps With Hooks

  • Bandages are mostly used when goods are tied up, so the biggest role is to tie up. However, the effect of lashing the goods may not be great, so we usually use it with buttons to achieve the maximum effect possible, which is called cam buckle straps with hooks. So how to use cam buckle straps with hooks ?

    The first step: the two hooks are respectively hooked on the base, the webbing needs to be fixed across the country. Step 2: Open the tensioner hardware, pass the webbing through the middle, and then pass through the middle rotating shaft. The third part: pre-tighten the webbing. Fourth part: swing the handle back and forth to tighten the webbing, and the fixation is complete. Step 5: The following steps are the method of loosening the tensioner, pinch the fuse of the handle, open the tensioner hardware to the maximum, and the rotating shaft will automatically loosen. Step 6: Pull out the webbing and loosen the tensioner to complete. Of course, this is how to use cam buckle straps with hooks. There is also a strap without a button, so the method used will be a little different.

    However, this kind of strap can be used with an over center buckle , so the items will not move randomly.