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Materials About Over Center Buckle

  • When we use the strap, sometimes it feels that it is too long, so it is not easy to bundle. At this time, we need an over center buckle to assist.

    The buckle of the over-center buckle is generally made of flat material and has a structure suitable for withstanding high forces. The buckle works on an off-center principle, so once it is locked, further tension on the belt will keep the buckle locked. When using a buckle, initially, the free end of a belt passes through the buckle and is pulled to absorb slack. The free end is clamped between the upright end of the belt and a part of the buckle to prevent slippage. Next, the handle of the buckle is rotated approximately 180 degrees, which causes the upright part of the belt to wrap around the buckle, thereby putting the belt in tension. When the buckle is about to be thrown, the handle of the buckle turns to an eccentric position, in which position, further tension on the belt lock the buckle more firmly.

    However, for us, using an over-center buckle is not very convenient, so it is usually more convenient to use cam buckle straps with hooks .