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Use Of Cam Buckle Straps With Hooks

  • We all know that traditional straps have certain flaws in many places where they are used, so the later straps have been adjusted accordingly, and cam buckle straps with hooks can better bind objects and are convenient to use. It will cause damage to items. There is no problem if you use it by yourself

    The adjusting end of cam buckle straps with hooks determines the length of the binding strap, which is mainly composed of synthetic fiber webbing and metal fittings double-row hooks. When using the tightener to bind objects, if the length of the tightener strap is insufficient, the polyester webbing cannot be used for stitching.

    Although the use of the sling webbing after stitching does not affect its binding force, it is necessary to thread the binding strap onto the winding shaft when tightening the object, and the space of the winding shaft can only be used to place a single layer of straps. After the tightening belt is stitched Failure to rewind will result in an unusable situation.

    Therefore, it is best not to splice the adjusting end of cam buckle straps with hooks. However, the general binding belt can be used with the over center buckle .