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Learn About The Convenience Of A 2" Ratchet Buckle

  • We often use various tools when hoisting, and the 2" ratchet buckle is one of them.

    The 2" ratchet buckle is a device for tightening the strapping tape used when packaging the goods. The traditional fastener carrier tape is fixed at both ends of the tensioning device. This is because the zipper itself is too complicated and The bag strap is only fixed by a simple fixing member, and it is easy to fall off, which affects the packing efficiency.

    Therefore, there is a 2" ratchet buckle in which the locking, fixing, and cutting of the belt are completed at one end. It is more concise and easy to carry. It also adopts a unique packaging belt slot design, which effectively prevents the effective strapping of the belt from tensioning. Separation is the process of tightening.

    Through the unique design of the carrying card slot, the 2" ratchet buckle effectively prevents the opening of the belt during the stretching process. After the completion of the device, the packaging efficiency is improved, the mobile office is realized, and the workload of employees is greatly reduced. Improve the packaging effect.

    Of course, the 1" ratchet buckle is also very easy to use, but the specifications are different.