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The Emergence Of Cam Buckles

  • The term bandage first appeared in the sixth chapter of Liu Qing's "Bronze Wall and Iron Wall": "The wounded soldier was covered with a white bandage on his head, arm or leg." In addition, the bandage at that time represented the wound. bandage. As more and more rankings appear, the term bandage no longer just refers to bandages that wrap wounds, but now more refers to bandages that wrap objects. And with the emergence of various shoulder straps on the market, Cam Buckle Straps With Hooks have also become popular.

    This kind of strap can be said to have one more strap hook than ordinary straps, but from a functional point of view, it is not just an extra strap hook. This kind of belt has a strong tensile force, so it is very durable and very practical. Moreover, compared with ordinary shoulder straps, with hooks, the safety factor in use can be more than doubled. The most important thing is the hard-to-scratch frame, which is the first choice for long-distance riding.

    This kind of strap can be used to bind and fix the goods on the back seat of bicycles, motorcycles, and battery cars to prevent the goods from falling. It can also be used to secure luggage, trolleys, and other items to prevent items from slipping or falling. In addition, it can also be used to block objects on minibusses or buses to prevent objects from falling from the air when the car is driving and hitting passengers. Of course, it also applies to RVs. It can also be used for fences and fixed tents, such as draw ropes, elastic ropes, etc. Finally, because of its high tensile force and durability, it can also be used as fitness equipment or various elastic products.
    Of course, cam buckle shoulder straps with hooks can also be used for items such as Over Center Buckles.