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What Are The Hidden Dangers Of 2" Ratchet Buckle

  • The 2" ratchet buckle is a device for tightening the strapping tape used when packaging the goods. The traditional fastener carrier tape is fixed at both ends of the tensioning device. This is because the zipper itself is too complicated and The bag strap is only fixed by a simple fixing member, and it is easy to fall off, which affects the packing efficiency.

    The constituent parts of the ratchet strap tensioner are all made of iron, which has heavyweight and easy corrosion and other defects in use. In particular, the lever is also made of iron, which is the most important operating part of the entire ratchet strap tensioner. , The heavyweight leads to laborious operation; in addition, the flip piece needs to be provided with hollow long slots for sliding installation on both sides of the stopper, and the stopper also needs to be provided with a spring to form an elastic push to slide inward, The spring can only be exposed and arranged on the rear side of the stopper, which is susceptible to corrosion, resulting in performance degradation, which in turn affects the engagement of the stopper with the ratchet teeth, and is prone to safety hazards.

    So we should pay attention to our safety when using 1" ratchet buckle tools.