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What Is The Size Of The Mist Droplets Sprayed By The Ultrafine

  •   Therefore, the name of the ultrafine mist sprayer indicates that the mist it sprays is a fine water mist. What is the intuitive appearance of this water mist? How fine is the fog? First, from the naked eye, that is, from the visual point of view, the water mist is foggy. The fogging effect is also divided into close to wet skin and non-wet skin. You can see the spray mist. Water mist cannot be distinguished intuitively, nor can it meet industrial needs. Therefore, the professional difference of water mist is to use the concept of droplet size. It should be noted that in a given water mist, the size of all spray droplets in the spray are different, and the average value is usually taken.

      Why can the ultrafine mist sprayer spray such a fine mist?

      The ultrafine mist sprayer relies on pressure to squeeze the internal liquid into the nozzle. The high-speed liquid forms a spray through the rotating cavity of the internal special structure of the blade and the small nozzle hole. The droplet size is tens of microns. There are also some ultrafine mist sprayers, which form fine droplets under the dual action of liquid pressure and air pressure to spray a fine mist.

      What is the size of the mist droplets sprayed by the ultrafine mist sprayer?

      The droplet size of the ultrafine mist sprayer is usually about tens of microns, but when the flow rate increases under the same conditions, the droplet size will also increase to hundreds of microns. Under the same conditions, increasing the pressure will make the droplet size smaller.