What Do You Use To Shape The Pvc Expansion Sheet?


      PVC Expansion Sheet can be cut, processed, nailed, glued, and tightened like wood, metal, and aluminum. It can also be digitally processed and used cold installation technology for screen printing, painting, sewing, wiring, die-cutting, and installation. It has excellent fastening characteristics, such as excellent screw and staple retention. The lightweight and hard composition of PVC Expansion Sheet has excellent dent resistance and scratch resistance, making it ideal for various applications.

      How strong is PVC?

      Unlike many other forms of plastics, expanded PVC has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. The sheets are tough, hard, hard-wearing, and easy to handle. The expanded PVC board also does not contain lead, cadmium, zinc, and has passed all UL 1975 requirements, so it can be safely processed and manufactured.

      What is PVC Expansion Sheet?

      PVC Expansion Sheet has many uses. In fact, it is one of the most versatile types of plastics, with extraordinary features that make it ideal for signage, store display, POP, screen printing, stage prop design, cabinets, wood replacement, projects, and more. The main application categories of PVC foam board are packaging, wires, cables, toys, clothing, medicine, automobiles, construction, and home decoration.

      Indoor and outdoor applications

      The versatility of foamed PVC makes it ideal for a variety of other indoor and outdoor applications, including automotive, bus, train, indoor panels, refrigerator panels, and kitchen cabinet ceilings. Similarly, expanded PVC can ideally replace aluminum, wood, and other composite materials.

      What are the benefits of PVC foam board?

      Our PVC foam boards come in a variety of colors, sizes, and thicknesses. Due to its smooth matt finish, it can be laminated or painted. PVC foam board is also light and portable, and transportation is quick and convenient. The advantages of PVC foam board include:

      High strength and durability

      Tolerant to mold and mildew

      Resistant to many chemicals and solvents


      Self-extinguishing and flame retardant