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Boxing Sandbag Factory Introduces Boxing Strike Requirements

  • Boxing Sandbag Factory introduces boxing methods:

    1. Fixed style of play: people can hold the sandbag, and the practitioner can strike accurately. This is the initial stage, so that the learner can experience the essentials of punching and kicking. Stand at the position where you hit the sandbag with one step forward and hit, so as to realize the distance, the whole body's strength, the penetration force, the whip force, the shock force and so on.
    2. Live sandbags: Live sandbags are harder to hit than fixed ones. The sandbags are shaking. You may hit or hit the air temporarily, but you won't be able to send a powerful punch. Therefore, you should experience the coordination of boxing and footwork: chasing, retreating, facing, continuous, forward and so on. The variety of punches is rich and varied, and Fang Wu's strokes are wonderful. Similarly, in a kick, it should be kicked in motion, not

    It must be a heavy blow every time.

    1. Click and combine to strike. Performing repeated single hits can firmly grasp the force of one punch and one kick, which should be paid attention to in the initial stage of sandbags. For combined blows, you can first hit a second-hand straight punch, and gradually transition to multiple blows. In the blow, there must be a change in priority. Especially the density of hand and foot combo, it is not suitable to form a hand or a foot or a foot. Serial blow, hand close

    The feet come out, the feet are closed and the hands come out, closely coherent, like clouds and flowing water in one go.

    Through the above introduction, China Punching Bag Kickboxing Exporter hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.