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Boxing Sandbag Factory Introduces The Filling Strategy Of Boxin


    Matters needing attention when filling the boxing punching bag Boxing punching bag is an essential boxing product for fighting and fitness, so you need to pay special attention to all aspects of making punching bag! In the whole production process, the filling of boxing sandbags plays a pivotal role again. Below, Boxing Sandbag Factory introduces the matters needing attention in the filling of boxing sandbags:

    When boxing hobby beginners choose sandbags, they need to buy softer materials and wait to get used to them before gradually strengthening them. For example, the filler in the sandbag just bought does not need to be replaced. It is suitable for beginners, and then replaced with sawdust depending on the situation, and then 1/6 volume of the filler is taken out and replaced with the same volume of sand each time. Because of the high density of sand, the more it hits, the more it moves towards the bottom of the bag. In your sandbag at the end

    When it is full of sand, it shows that your physical and personality qualities have been significantly improved!

    Regarding the replacement of the boxing sandbag filling, the editor thinks that 60% sand plus 40% wood sawdust, or 70% sand plus 30% wood sawdust, can be lighter and then heavier. Boxing training should take a gradual approach, and you must never go all-out hard training. This will really hurt your hands too much. Secondly, if you make sandbags yourself, you can choose to use canvas materials, or you can

    Through the above introduction, China Punching Bag Kickboxing Exporter hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.