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China Floating Dock Factory Introduces The Details Of The Use O


    China Floating Dock Factory introduces the yacht dock can be divided into aluminum alloy, steel structure yacht dock, barge yacht dock, combined yacht dock. There may not be many people who have heard of the barge pier. The barge is a rectangular flat-bottomed boat. It has no power device itself, so it can be said that it is not a ship. It is often used to anchor the ship in the middle of the river. With the maturity of the barge, there are two materials to choose from on the basis of the barge pier, concrete structure or rigid structure. It can be used as Temporarily docked points can also be used permanently.

    In fact, the marina has experienced the era of plastic, concrete, and steel structures. Nowadays, aluminum alloy yacht piers should become the next mainstream. Compared with the traditional yacht piers in the past, this new type of material yacht pier has obvious advantages. Its anti-corrosion ability is very good. It is both in transportation and installation. It is very convenient and has a very high endurance. The yacht pier of this material can be used for a long time and can be said to be enduring. If the pontoon and the panel are aging due to the long use, then you only need to deal with this Some parts can be replaced by one replacement. This article is summarized and organized by Guangzhou Yacht Terminal Engineering Company, Guangzhou AVIC, to provide readers with reference.

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