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Floating Dock Supplier Introduces The Structure Of The Float


    Floating Dock Supplier introduces the seven basic characteristics of floating docks:

    1. The service life can be more than fifteen years, except for the irresistible and unreasonable use of human factors in the ecological natural environment, almost no maintenance and repair costs are required.

    2. It has a high load-bearing capacity, the cylinder is stable and durable, and the load-bearing capacity per square meter is high.

    3. The upper surface of the pontoon body is designed with anti-skid patterns, which is safe and secure; the four corners are all arc-shaped obtuse angles to prevent the common risks of general cement, wood, and iron facilities, such as slipping, being broken by wood chips, and rusty nails. Stabbing etc.

    4. Complete equipment including mooring bolts, railings, anti-collision balls, anti-collision barrels and bolts, etc. The dock can moor various large and small ships; in addition, due to the buoyancy characteristics of the floating platform on the water, the dock can automatically rise and fall with the water level Ascending and descending, the safety and comfort of tourists getting on and off the boat are increased.

    5. The cost is reasonable and economical. From a long-term point of view, it can save a lot of expenses and time for maintenance, maintenance, replacement, and overhaul.

    6. The material is high-molecular-weight high-density polyethylene, which is an anti-corrosion, anti-freeze, anti-oxidation, and anti-purple line reinforced material. It will not be corroded by sea water, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil stains and aquatic organisms, and will not pollute the environment. .

    7. The assembly is simple, fast, flexible, and diverse in shapes. The overall selection of modular structure can meet the needs of various landscapes and quickly replace the platform shape; the appearance is bright in color and beautiful in shape, which is the icing on the cake and enhances the publicity effect; The site and atmosphere are different, and other materials (wood, steel) build different architectural styles.

    Through the above introduction, Pu Cheap Boxing Equipment Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.