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Floating Dock Factory Introduces The Use Knowledge Of Floating


    The buoy platform pump station is a double-drum double-plate detachable platform, consisting of 2 buoys, 2 decks, 1 gourd frame, and 2 water pump baskets. It is suitable for rivers, lakes, tailings, and flooded areas. It is not suitable for pump construction. Take water from the room. The pontoon platform pump station runs smoothly, is convenient to install, and has strong mobility. The material of the pontoon platform pumping station is CCSA.

    The pontoon is connected to the deck by bolts to form a whole. A manual hoist is set up on the deck, and the hanging basket is placed in the water between the two decks and fixed with the deck by hanging plates. The hanging basket can move up and down on the hanging plate to adapt to different water levels. The water pump is put into the gondola and fixed with the hoop plate to prevent the water pump from moving. There is a climbing ladder on the right pontoon for people to go up and down the pontoon platform pumping station. The two buoys are equipped with fixed holes on the front side to connect with the cattle on the shore with steel cables, and the back of the deck is equipped with anchor piles through the anchor chain to hang the Hall anchor to fix the buoy platform pumping station. Below, Floating Dock Factory introduces the use of the buoy pumping station. matter:

    1. Prevent heavy objects on the water surface and sharp objects from impacting the float.

    2. Pay attention to the level of the pontoon platform, which can be balanced by hanging heavy objects on the balance hook.

    3. Pay attention to non-slip when the platform is working, and it is strictly forbidden to squeeze the fence by gravity.

    4. The manual hoist is fixed at the designated position when it is not in use.

    Through the above introduction, Pu Cheap Boxing Equipment Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.