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What to do if the Gasoline Engine Water Pump is Broken?

  • How to repair the broken gasoline engine water pump? We provide you with solutions:

    (1) The engine cannot be started:

    1. Fuel quantity: Check that the fuel quantity is insufficient.
    2. Fuel valve: Has the fuel valve for reduced production been opened?
    3. Oil passage: Check whether the fuel pipe is blocked, whether the oil can reach the carburetor, and whether the carburetor atomization function is good.
    4. Engine oil: check the amount of engine oil in the crankcase.
    5. Spark plug: Check whether the spark plug can fire normally.

    (2) The water pump cannot pump water:

    1. Has the air in the pump cavity been exhausted?
    2. Turn by hand to check whether the impeller can rotate normally.
    3. Whether the water inlet pipe and the water outlet pipe are blocked.
    4. Check for leaks in the water inlet pipe.
    5. The suction lift cannot be too high (the vertical height is less than 5 meters).
    6. Whether the engine speed can reach the rated speed of the water pump.
    7. Can the bottom valve work normally?

    The above is the repair method of gasoline powered water pump introduced by Taizhou QING FENG Machinery Co., Ltd. to you. If you need to buy a water pump, please contact us.