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Operation and Use of Knapsack Sprayer

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    Main Feature

    Time-saving, labor-saving, high efficacy; large battery capacity, long working hours; low cost, high work efficiency, energy saving; small size, simple and convenient operation; wide range of applications

    It is suitable for the prevention and control of pests and diseases of various crops such as rice, wheat, cotton, corn, fruit trees, greenhouses, grapes, tea trees, flowers, gardening, etc., sanitation and epidemic prevention in public places, and sterilization and disinfection of livestock and poultry houses.

    Operational Use

    1. Charge the battery immediately after purchasing, and fully charge the battery. The charging time is 8-10 hours.
    2. Turn on the power switch and the chemical liquid switch when spraying medicine to start working.
    3. After daily use, regardless of the length of use, you should charge it immediately after returning home, so as to extend the service life of the battery.
    4. During the slack period, if the electric sprayer is not used for a long time, it is generally charged once a month or two to ensure that the battery does not lose power, which can prolong the battery life.


    1. When spraying pesticides, you must wear masks and gloves. Do not operate naked to avoid pesticides contacting the skin and harm the human body. Do not spray pesticides against the wind; do not spray people, animals and food; do not work at high temperatures for a long time, after operation Do not drink alcohol immediately.
    2. When handling pesticides, strictly follow the safety instructions provided by the pesticide manufacturer.
    3. Clean water must be used. Water and powder pesticides with grass should be precipitated and dissolved in a container first, and after a period of rest, pour the liquid into the liquid tank through the filter. Do not pour the precipitated impurities into the liquid tank to prevent the water pump from being blocked.
    4. During the use of the sprayer, if you find that the pressure drops, the motor speed slows down, and the indicator needle of the electricity meter is in the yellow grid area, you should stop using it immediately and charge it.
    5. It is strictly forbidden to immerse the whole machine in water.
    6. After applying the medicine every day, spray with clean water for a few minutes to clean the liquid medicine particles in the water pump.
    7. When not in use, the sprayer should be stored in a ventilated and dry place, and the bottom of the barrel should be protected from moisture.

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