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Safe Use of Power Sprayers

  • Precautions for power sprayer:

    1. Wear tightly before applying pesticides. Wear masks, gloves, long-sleeved clothes and long pants.
    2. Before spraying pesticides, carefully check the instructions on the pesticide labels. There are detoxification methods on the pesticide labels.
    3. Carefully understand the toxicity of pesticides. Highly toxic pesticides need to be used in strict accordance with label instructions. Operators must bring protective equipment. Entrance cover, gloves, gown, trousers, etc. Excessive use is strictly prohibited. It is very wrong to think that a large amount of medicine will cause the pests to die quickly.
    4. You must clearly know that even low- and medium-toxic pesticides must be used strictly in accordance with the label.
    5. You should minimize direct contact with pesticides and refrain from eating, drinking, or smoking. Stand upwind when applying for the medicine.
    6. After spraying the pesticides, please open the handwashing box of the sprayer as soon as possible and use ordinary (alkaline) soap to wash your hands or other parts, and then go back to take a shower as soon as possible.
    7. Please remember not to pollute the sprayer hand washing tank at any time, and always ensure that the water in the hand washing tank is sufficient and clean.
    8. Please don't forget to clean the faucet when washing your hands. Make sure that your hands and body are clean, and the faucet switch and mouth are also clean.
    9. Please remember to bring a piece of ordinary alkaline soap when spraying medicine, which can make you remove the pesticides on your hands faster.

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