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Gasoline Engine Powered Sprayer generates more pressure

  • Advantages of gasoline engine powered sprayer:

    volume. Gasoline engine powered sprayers can generally produce a much larger volume than electric sprayers. This is useful for applications that need to put down a lot of products but don't want to spend a whole day. For example Termite pretreatment•Weed budding work•Drive large spray rods or reduce spray rods•Large tanks need to be sprayed and stirred

    pressure. Gasoline engine powered sprayers generally produce more pressure than electric sprayers. Pressure can help when throwing water over long distances. High pressure is also useful when pushing water over long hoses and the droplet sizes are different. For example, spray Eve on houses, tall trees, and remote and hard-to-reach areas.

    select. Priest weed spraying equipment has more choices and various pneumatic pumps. Compared with using a 12-volt electric sprayer, it is easier to find the required volume and pressure combined with a gasoline engine powered sprayer.

    Vehicle flexibility. Since a gasoline engine powered sprayer has its own power source, it can be moved to another car more easily than an electric sprayer that relies on a vehicle battery. This flexibility may come in handy if the vehicle is parked or required for other purposes.

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