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How to Use the Spray Gun Better?

  • These 10 steps are a guide to guide you to better use the spray gun. A shortlist of actions will help you avoid delays and give you immediate results.

    1. Check the job description of the paint manufacturer. This will determine which nozzle (nozzle) you should use and the correct spray power setting. This will ensure that you get a smooth and flawless coating and prevent a lot of unnecessary paint consumption and spray gun splashing.
    2. Use the correct spray gun for work: spray guns designed for consumers cannot fully absorb heavy industrial paint.
    3. Read the manual. It contains many useful tips, possible solutions, and instructions on how to start. It also includes cleaning instructions for reusing the equipment.
    4. If the wall is newly painted, it is recommended that you first use a primer to turn it over. As long as you apply the appropriate settings and possible filters/nozzles, all paint sprayers can handle the primer.
    5. When the finger slides on the wall to be painted, will the flakes still peel off? Before spraying, make sure to remove plaster or similar substances.
    6. Cover everything up. When you use a spray gun, you have to deal with excessive spraying, just like splashing with a roller. Cover the parts that are at least 25 cm wide near the sprayed surface, and cover the floor and windows when necessary. Spraying is very fast. Compared with actual spraying, you spend more time preparing/masking. Make sure to perform the operation correctly.
    7. Are you ready to start? First test the spray pattern on a piece of cardboard, paper, plywood, etc. Is the flow rate too much? Before you start painting the wall, adjust the spray gun.
    8. Make sure that the nozzle is 15-20 cm away from the wall and keep the spray gun as upright as possible. Start the production and move it up and down from the ground (if it is covered), and spray it in a uniform flow. At the top of each pass, move down on the next (overlapping) pass. Release the trigger at the top of each trigger and start moving the spray gun before starting spraying. This prevents the paint from accumulating on the top or bottom of the channel.
    9. Have you become stable without thickening the edges? Excellent! Let the wall dry and the effect will be very good.
    10. Are you finished? Clean the machine carefully so that it can be used to its fullest effect the next time it is used. Please refer to the manual for cleaning instructions.

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