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What Should be Paid Attention to When Using Gasoline Engine Wat

    1. For safety reasons: gasoline engine water pumps cannot be used to pump flammable or corrosive liquids (such as gasoline and acidic liquids, etc.).

    Similarly, seawater, chemical solvents and alkaline liquids (such as waste engine oil, etc.) cannot be pumped.

    1. Avoid fire: Keep ventilation during the operation of the pump and keep the pump at least 1 meter away from the building wall or other devices. Keep flammable materials away from the pump.
    2. Do not touch the muffler and other high-temperature parts when the engine is working and during the initial period of shutdown. Allow the engine and water pump to cool down before carrying it or storing the water pump indoors.
    3. Gasoline is extremely flammable and will explode under certain conditions. In the fueling and storage areas, fireworks are strictly prohibited.
    4. Place the water pump in a sturdy, level place to prevent the fuel from overflowing due to tilting or overturning of the pump.
    5. Please add gasoline when the engine is stopped and the ventilation is good. Do not allow gasoline to overflow the fuel tank. If gasoline is accidentally spilled, wipe it dry immediately. After refueling, be sure to close the fuel tank cap and tighten it.
    6. Do not run the engine indoors or in unventilated places. Because the engine exhaust contains toxic carbon monoxide, it can cause people to lose consciousness and even die.
    7. Do not let children and pets enter the working area of ​​the pump to avoid injury.
    8. Do not exceed the specified total head. If the total head exceeds the maximum value, the pump may overheat before the liquid enters the casing, which may damage the seal. Therefore, please try to use the shortest head.
    9. Fill water before each use. If you accidentally start the engine without adding water, you should stop it immediately and let the gasoline powered water pump cool down before adding water.