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Spraying Distance When Operating Spray Gun

  • The operation of the sprayer gun is relatively simple. After preparing the basic material and equipment, keep the spray gun perpendicular to the surface of the object to be sprayed. But pay special attention to details. Pay attention to three points in spray gun operation, spraying distance, operating speed, and overlapping spraying.

    1. Spraying distance

    The distance from the front end of the spray gun to the object being sprayed. When spraying, keep a certain spraying distance for spraying.

    \u2460If it is too close: it is easy to flow downwards, and it is difficult to maintain the uniformity of the film thickness.

    \u2461 Too far away: the sprayed paint is easy to splash ⇒ the waste of paint and the deterioration of the working environment.

    Generally, the spraying distance of the spray gun is between 150mm~300mm.

    1. Operating speed

    The moving speed of the spray gun is generally 3~4m/s.

    Keep the direction perpendicular to the coated surface and move at a certain speed.

    1. Overlap spraying

    The usual spray gun has an elliptical slender round shape, and the tip gradually becomes thinner, so in general, the size of the spray gun moves in an overlap of 1/2 to 1/4 to form a uniform film thickness.

    After using the spray gun, it is necessary to clean the spray gun in time to avoid improper cleaning of the spray gun and affect the next use.

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