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The Power Sprayer is Almost No Noise

  • Here are my top 5 Benefits of Power Sprayers:

    1. Lower cost-powered sprayers are generally simpler than gas driven sprayers, with fewer parts and lower cost. Usually, the pump and the motor are a single unit, its cost (lower than a gas power system), and does not require any additional assembly, thereby saving assembly labor and cost.
    2. Less space-powered sprayers usually take up less space in the vehicle. Electric pumps and motors are usually much smaller than gas motors and pump assemblies. A small footprint has many advantages:

    -Ability to use smaller vehicles. The purchase and operating costs of small vehicles are usually lower. -More space for other equipment and products. This may be a particularly valuable benefit for pest control professionals who implement IPM.

    1. Less maintenance-Power sprayers have fewer moving parts and generally simpler piping. This means fewer errors, fewer parts to maintain, and easier maintenance.
    2. A greener image-since the power sprayer does not use gasoline, the power sprayer will not produce influence and pollution.
    3. Quieter-the power engine produces almost no noise, while the petrol-driven sprayer may produce a lot of noise. This allows operators to operate in the morning and evening of the day without disturbing customers and neighbors.

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