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The Main Functions That Commercial Water Dispenser Must Have Ar

  •   With serious water pollution, bottled water problems are increasing. The company gradually began to find a new method of drinking water for employees, namely Commercial Water Dispenser. However, there are more and more Commercial Water dispensers on the market, which makes everyone dazzled when choosing Commercial Water dispensers. Finally, which Commercial Water Dispenser brand is better. In order to allow company employees to drink safe water, it is very important for the company to choose a good Commercial Water Dispenser service provider.

      The literal understanding is naturally the Commercial Water Dispenser used in the factory. The main functions that the Commercial Water Dispenser of water dispenser suppliers must possess are durability, energy saving, environmental protection, and safety.

      The factory has two types of water dispensers, one is a normal stainless steel machine, and the other is an energy-saving stainless steel machine.

      Ordinary machine functions

      It can provide ice water, hot water, and three kinds of warm water at room temperature.

      The front is smooth and elegant, and the main body and shell are made of stainless steel, which is strong and durable. Compressed by the compressor, the cooling effect is excellent. No cup nozzle, durable. The internal hot tub and ice bucket are made of food-grade stainless steel. The main body and shell are made of stainless steel composite material, which is sturdy and durable. The design of the hook-and-tube faucet is convenient for collecting water in various containers.

      Commercial Water Dispenser function

      Accessories in contact with drinking water: 100% food-grade 304 stainless steel for deep processing, without any heavy metal residues harmful to the human body.

      The company has a top/top drinking water equipment R&D team, and independently developed a subversive automatic water level meter. Make sure that the water tank is always at atmospheric pressure.

      The the full computer intelligent control, never drying; VFD display, using its own invention patent intelligent computer control system.

      Advanced layered heating technology: After the water is taken, the equipment enters the water layer by layer, heating layer by layer, and boiling layer by layer. Hot and cold water, computer temperature control, completely eliminate "thousand boiling water".

      High-efficiency and energy-saving: using international high-quality fire-proof insulation materials, high-efficiency new generation patent heat exchange Under the same conditions, the measured comparative data is: drinking water is 39.6% lower than ordinary water purifiers, and drinking warm water is 83.23% lower than ordinary water purifiers.

      Six-fold safety protection design: The control part adopts 12VDC weak current control. It has automatic anti-leakage, dry burning, steam, water shortage, and over-temperature protection.

      Key switch type, the faucet is made of 304 stainless steel;

      The water is pure, odorless, and has a heating and exhaust solenoid valve. When heating, the peculiar smell, and trace harmful ions in the water will be completely discharged with the steam.

      Safe and reliable. When the water dispenser displays "drinking water", it will completely stop heating, truly isolate the water from electricity, and there will be no electric shock accidents during the drinking process.

      There is almost no mixed water and thousands of boiling water: the tip is clear and clear, with "non-drinking" and "drinking" signals.

      Beautiful wiring and convenient maintenance: equipped with porous insulated wire trough to prevent direct contact between wires and metal shell, preventing wire aging and leakage short circuit; no need to bundle wires, just uncover the wire trough cover during the maintenance process, you can quickly repair it.