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The medical oxygen concentrator absorbs oxygen from the air its

  •   What is a medical oxygen concentrator?

      The oxygen distribution of the medical oxygen concentrator is almost the same as that of the oxygen tank, and the oxygen can be delivered directly to the patient through the same nasal cannula or oxygen mask. However, when the oxygen tank contains a fixed amount of pressurized oxygen, the concentrator collects the oxygen from the surrounding air, concentrates it, and then delivers it to the patient, eliminating the need to replace or refill it.

      Their working principle is rapid pressure swing absorption, which uses zeolite minerals to remove nitrogen from the air. Zeolite minerals absorb nitrogen and pass other gases through, while oxygen is the main gas. Once the oxygen is collected, the pressure drops, which desorbs the nitrogen and exhausts it back into the air through the muffler.

      The medical oxygen concentrator has no refill limit. It absorbs oxygen from the air itself so that it can supply an unlimited amount of oxygen until there is no electricity. Compared with oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators are a safer choice, because oxygen cylinders sometimes leak and oxygen saturation increases the risk of fire

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