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There are two main styles of home chest freezer: upright freeze

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      There are two main styles of home chest freezer: upright freezer or box freezer (also called box freezer).

      The appearance of a vertical refrigerator is similar to a refrigerator, and the door of the refrigerator can be opened horizontally. They have adjustable shelves and take up less floor space. People like the upright freezer for easy access to food and the freezer compartment.

      The disadvantage of upright freezers is that they have less storage than chest freezers. According to Consumer Reports, the shelves and trash bins of the freezer occupies approximately 20% of the available storage space.

      The door of the home chest freezer can be opened (such as a treasure chest). Although they take up more floor space, they also hold more food per cubic foot. Food is also easy to keep cool in the refrigerator. In the event of a power failure, the food stored in the refrigerator can usually be kept cool for a longer period of time compared with the upright refrigerator. New or second-hand chest freezers are usually cheaper than upright freezers.

      The disadvantage of the chest freezer is that the food at the bottom is often forgotten. To keep frozen food in order, consider buying a freezer or wire basket.

      Available space

      How much space do you have in your home? Or will your home chest freezer enter the garage? No matter where you decide to place your home chest freezer, you will need enough space to accommodate the refrigerator.

      Make sure to leave at least 1 inch of space between the back of the home chest freezer and the wall, and leave a few inches of clearance all around. This will ensure sufficient air circulation and help your freezer to work properly.

      Make sure you have a cool and dry place to keep the refrigerator away from windows, sunlight, and other heat sources

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