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 What is medical oxygen concentrator?

  •   What is a medical oxygen concentrator?

      medical oxygen concentrator inhales natural indoor air to produce concentrated medical-grade oxygen. Natural air, also known as ambient air, is compressed and filtered to provide a higher oxygen content for patients with hypoxemia. The medical oxygen concentrator is classified as a medical device that requires a doctor's prescription to ensure that home or portable devices provide enough liters of supplemental oxygen per minute.

      The medical oxygen concentrator is easy to operate and has an intubation interface for patients to wear a nasal cannula or oxygen mask. As the oxygen entering the organs increases, patients report increased energy and mental alertness for a better lifestyle. Operating an oxygen concentrator is a cost-effective treatment option because it produces a continuous flow of supplemental oxygen compared to using a refillable oxygen tank.

      Which health conditions may require supplemental oxygen

      Supplemental oxygen can be used for patients suffering from lung disease for a long time or temporarily when the patient recovers from lung disease.

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