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What is solar chest freezer?


      What is solar chest freezer?

      The title "solar chest freezer" may be a bit deceptive. On the surface, this seems to mean that the refrigerator is equipped with a solar panel and can run the refrigerator on its own. Although these devices do exist, the solar chest freezer/freezer is actually just a refrigerator that is efficient enough to handle the lower energy input of solar devices.

      No system is the same, but the premise is universal in nature. The solar panel is connected to the battery. The battery is connected to the refrigerator. The solar chest freezer uses solar DC power (usually). Batteries or solar panels can also be connected to the inverter to convert DC (digital current) to AC (alternating current). It all depends on how you want to do it. No system is "better". It only depends on whether you plan to use the solar system for other equipment other than refrigerators.

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