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A Commercial Water Dispenser is an indispensable piece of offic

  •   Troubleshoot Commercial Water Dispenser failures

      A Commercial Water Dispenser is indispensable office equipment that can help your employees stay hydrated. Without clean water, humans can only stay for 3 to 4 days. These dispensers meet this need by keeping your employees hydrated. They provide cold water to cool them down in the hot summer and hot water for a cup of chocolate or instant tea in the cold winter.

      Like all other devices, the dispenser is not perfect. They often encounter problems that make them malfunction.

      Is your Commercial Water Dispenser leaking?

      Various reasons may cause the Commercial Water Dispenser to leak. For example, when you forget to empty the drip tray under the tap, it may fill up and overflow. The overflowing water will collect at the bottom or bottom of the dispenser. To solve this problem, you should empty the drip tray to provide room for spills.

      If the leaking water comes from the Commercial Water Dispenser faucet, the stop valve of the faucet may be faulty. It is not easy to repair or replace defective shut-off valves yourself. Therefore, you should contact your authorized service agent for assistance.

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