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Flange Insulation Gasket Kit Assembly


      Flange Insulation Gasket Kit assembly

      The polyethylene insulating sleeve and mounting studs are the main components of the Flange Insulation Gasket Kit. In contrast to the traditional flange joint nut and bolt system, the insulating kit uses a bobbunk with a washer and nut at each end of the flange joint. Then, insert the insulator into the bolt hole on each side of the flange. Therefore, two insulators per bolt hole are inserted into the flange. The mounting studs are then inserted into the insulating sleeve until the threads of the studs at both ends of the stud can be seen outside the flange. Slide each end of a flat steel gasket to the double bolt, then screw the nut to each end of the double bolt and tighten.

      With the tightening of the Kammprofile Gaskets Suppliers, the FLANGE Insulation Gasket Kit becomes more than the typical nut bolt type. When tightening the nut bolts in a conventional manner, all clamping force acts on a single thread on the bolt, and in the case of double-headed double-head bolts (eg, in the flange insulation kit), the clamping force will The average distribution between the two nuts. Threads of the studs and the threads within the two nuts. Protect bolts and protect them from any charge and corrosion. This will create a flange connection that does not corrode or fail due to the chemical reaction between the two heterogeneous metals.