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Water Rotameter Has Advantages Over Traditional Flow Meters

  •   We provide a variety of Water Rotameter or variable area flow meters to adapt to a variety of process gases and liquids. Our Water Rotameter can be customized for your specific application.

      Many of our Water Rotameters are manufactured in China and have been successfully used in veterinary medicine, science, water treatment, natural gas and oil production, human medical anesthesia, Steam Solenoid Valve, aviation, pharmaceuticals, pollution control, scientific analysis, education, and many other fields.

      Water Rotameter has advantages over traditional flow meters. They are a simple device, easy to install and maintain, and at the same time have the flexibility of a linear scale, low-pressure drop, and good measurement range. This makes the rotameter one of the most popular flow meters on the market.

      In general, the simplest flow meter is usually the best flow meter, because simplicity brings ease of operation and reduces wear and replacement of parts.

      The Water Rotameter is based on the simple variable area principle. Due to the buoyancy and velocity of the liquid, the float moves up or down in the tapered tube. For gas, only the velocity head will cause the float to rise or fall.

      In most cases, Water Rotameter or variable area flowmeters need to be installed in a vertical position because they rely on gravity. But there are some options, such as spring-loaded, and some other rotameters that can be installed on a horizontal surface.

      For selection purposes, you will need to know some application details, such as the product to be metered, minimum and maximum flow, nominal pipe diameter, operating temperature and pressure, and if the application requires the use of valves for flow adjustment.