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What to pay attention to when choosing Plastic Rotameter

  •   Fluid and flow characteristics

      Lists the fluid at the highest working temperature and its given pressure, temperature, allowable pressure drop, density (or specific gravity), conductivity, viscosity (is it Newton?), and vapor pressure, and explains that these characteristics may be possible How to change or interact. In addition, all safety or toxicity information should be provided, as well as detailed data on the liquid composition, bubbles, solids (abrasive or soft powder, particle, fiber size), coating tendency, and light transmission properties (opaque, translucent) or transparent? ).

      Pressure and temperature range

      When choosing a Plastic Rotameter, in addition to the normal operating values, the expected minimum and maximum pressure and temperature values ​​should also be given. Whether the flow will be reversed, whether the pipe is not always filled, whether there will be a lumpy flow (gas-solid liquid), whether it is possible to ventilate or pulsate, whether a sudden temperature change is possible, or whether special measures are required in the cleaning and cleaning process Preventive measures? Maintenance should also explain these facts.

      Pipeline installation area

      Regarding the placement area of ​​the pipe and Panel Flow Meter, please consider: For the pipe, the direction of the pipe (avoid downward flow in liquid applications), size, material, schedule, flange pressure rating, accessibility, up or down The turns, valves, regulators and available straight pipe lengths. The designated engineer must know whether there is or maybe a vibration or magnetic field in the area, whether there is electricity or air pressure, whether the area is classified as an explosion hazard, or whether there are other special requirements, such as compliance with hygiene or cleanliness requirements. In situ (CIP) regulations.