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Performance characteristics of Glass Tube Rotameter


      Performance characteristics of Glass Tube Rotameter

      1. Linearity

      Through the Glass Tube Rotameter (volume) is basically proportional to the area, so most of these flow meters have basically the same scale increment. A typical indicating rotameter scale is about 5% non-linear.

      2. Difference

      The important feature of the variable area flowmeter is that the pressure loss at both ends of the float is constant. Due to the friction loss through the accessories, the total difference of the flowmeter will increase at higher flow rates.

      3. Accuracy

      The most common accuracy is ±2% of full-scale reading. As the individual calibration and the length of the scale increase, this situation will greatly increase. The repeatability is excellent.

      4. Capacity

      The Glass Tube Rotameter is the most common method for measuring low flow rates. The full-scale capacity ranges from the smallest unit of water 0.5 cm3/min and air of 30 std cm3/min to 8 cm height of water over 1200 liters/min of water and 1700 m3/h of air.

      5. Minimum piping requirements

      It is usually possible to install an area meter without having to consider the length of the accessory or straight pipe program or follow the meter.

      6. Corrosive or difficult to handle liquids

      These can usually be successfully processed in an area meter. They include materials such as oils, tars, refrigerants, sulfuric acid, black liquor, beverages, aqua regia, and molten sulfur.

      Generally, if the fluid is dirty, viscous, or corrosive, and the nature of the fluid does not allow the use of conventional differential pressure flow meters, some Glass Tube Rotameters have advantages over other types of flow meters.

      7. Pressure drop

      By placing a very light float on a large meter, it is possible to combine a very low-pressure loss (usually 2.5 cm or less of water column) and a 10:1 flow rate range to handle the flow rate.

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