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Why do I need a Water Rotameter?


      What is Water Rotameter?

      Water Rotameter is a device used to measure the volume or mass of gas or liquid. According to specific industries, Water Rotameter has many names, such as flow meters, flow indicators, level gauges, flow sensors, etc. However, they can all measure flow. The flowmeter can be used to measure open channels such as rivers or streams. Or more commonly, the largest use and the most diverse flow meters of Water Rotameter are concentrated in measuring gas and liquid in pipes. The greatest benefit of the best flow meter is to improve the accuracy, accuracy, and resolution of the fluid measurement.

      Why do I need a Water Rotameter?

      You may not! Water Rotameter is used to provide accurate monitoring and/or flow control. Some industrial applications require precise quantitative calculations, such as the development of precision servo valves used in the aerospace industry. On the other hand, an application for measuring the water flowing to the vineyard may only require a measurement accuracy of 5% to 10%.

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