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Electric coil uses DIM connector

  •   High-Pressure Solenoid Valve valve flow

      The semi-straight poppet valve can only stop flow in one direction, which is indicated by the arrow on the High-Pressure Solenoid Valve. These valves can only be used to stop flow in one direction.

      Electrical connections

      The electric coil uses a DIM connector. This connection includes terminal blocks for easy connection and simple connection/disconnection: only need to unscrew the DIM connector and unplug the valve to perform repairs (no need to disconnect the wiring and terminals). The coil is not polarized, which means it doesn't matter whether it is positive/negative when wiring. We strongly recommend using the ground terminal in the DIM connector to avoid electric shock when touching the valve.

      Coil use

      As long as the coil is exposed to the environment and is not insulated to dissipate heat, the coil can withstand the heat generated by continuous use. Although they can be used continuously without shutting down, they will reduce the life of the coil if they are operated continuously. Since a higher current intensity is required to operate the DC valve, the heating speed of the DC valve will be faster than that of the AC valve. The rated maximum power consumption usually only occurs when the valve is operating near the maximum pressure. When no pressure is applied, the power consumption of the valve is about 1/3 of the maximum power consumption.

      Working fluid

      The working fluid can be a variety of substances. For the normal operation of the High-Pressure Solenoid Valve, the fluid must be free of debris. If any debris enters the valve body, it will block the diaphragm and prevent it from sealing completely, preventing the valve from closing successfully. If clogging occurs, these valves are easy to clean. Simply remove the 4 bolts holding the main body together to access the diaphragm for cleaning.

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