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What kind of Plastic Rotameter is the best

  •   Although Plastic Rotameters are the simplest equipment, they can be equipped with many accessories. Perhaps the most common is the limit switch. In this case, the float has a magnetic core, and the limit switch usually takes the form of a bistable reed switch, which can slide up and down on the tube and be actuated when the float passes over it.

      When determining the size of a Plastic Rotameter/variable area flow meter, it is important to know the density and viscosity of the liquid or the working pressure and gas name. This is because these factors will affect the buoyancy of the float inside the flowmeter, and these factors need to be taken into consideration when drawing the scale on the outside of the flowmeter tube. For this reason, V/A flow meters can only be used for a given set of operating conditions. If the viscosity of the liquid and/or the working pressure or density of the SG or gas changes from the information provided when ordering the flowmeter, the accuracy will be affected.

      Metal tube variable area flowmeters are used in situations where the working pressure or temperature is high, the working environment is harsh, or a high flow rate is required.

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