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Brief Understanding of Solenoid Valve

  • Solenoid Valve: It is an automation basic component used to control the direction of the fluid. It belongs to the actuator; it is usually used in mechanical control and industrial valves. A solenoid is used to control the position of the spool and cut off or connect the air source to change the direction of fluid flow. The purpose is to control the direction of the medium, so as to achieve the control of the valve switch.

    A solenoid Valve is composed of several air circuits and valve cores, which connect or disconnect each air circuit.

    Working principle: In the pneumatic circuit, the function of the electromagnetic control reversing valve is to control the on or off of the airflow channel or change the flow direction of the compressed air. The main working principle is to use the electromagnetic force generated by the electromagnetic coil to push the spool to switch and realize the reversal of the airflow.

    According to the different ways the solenoid control part pushes the reversing valve, it can be divided into a direct-acting Solenoid Valve and pilot Solenoid Valve. The direct-acting Solenoid Valve directly uses electromagnetic force to push the spool to change direction, while the pilot-operated directional valve uses the pilot air pressure output by the electromagnetic pilot valve to push the spool to change direction.

    Solenoid Valve structure:

    The basic structure of Solenoid Valve: a valve body with one or more holes. The valve body part is composed of a spool valve core, a spool valve sleeve, a spring base, etc., when the coil is energized or de-energized, to achieve the purpose of changing the direction of the fluid. Solenoid Valve's electromagnetic components are composed of a fixed iron core, moving iron core, coil and other parts. The operation of the moving iron core will cause fluid to pass through the valve body or be cut off.

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