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Now seeing the truth behind her ideal reality

  • Fortunately, she was not blinded completely by passion and was capable of reason, clearly being appalled by the level of destruction Ultron was trying to achieve, and promptly sided with the Avengers to make amends. She also showed the capability of multitasking while using her abilities, as she simultaneously held back Thanos with a stream from one hand while destroying the Mind Stone with a stream of energy from her other hand.When using her telekinetic abilities, her irises glow a bright red color. Now seeing the truth behind her ideal reality, Scarlet Witch decided to set everyone free, and began destroying the Hex. However, when her husband and children arrived, Wanda Costume they were being torn apart, as they were created within the Hex and therefore could not exist outside of it, so Scarlet Witch stopped destroying the Hex, keeping her family alive.Masquerade balls were a feature of the Carnival season in the 15th century, and involved increasingly elaborate allegorical Royal Entries, pageants, and triumphal processions celebrating marriages and other dynastic events of late medieval court life.

    William Fell of Cincinnati, Ohio are reported to have attended a masquerade at a skating rink wearing Mr. Skygack and Miss Dillpickles costumes. Later, in 1910, an unnamed woman won first prize at masquerade ball in Tacoma, Washington wearing another Skygack costume. Champion of Cosplay  Contestants either walked across a stage or a cleared area of the dance floor. David Kyle won the masquerade wearing a Ming the Merciless costume created by Leslie Perri, while Robert A. W. Lowndes received second place with a Bar Senestro costume (from the novel The Blind Spot by Austin Hall and Homer Eon Flint).