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The Difference Between Scented Soy Wax Candles and other waxes

  • At present, the knowledge system of scented candles is not very complete. The main classification of scented candles on the market is based on the raw materials produced.

    In the historical paragraph of scented candles, it is mentioned that paraffin wax is the material used in early candles. However, because the burning of paraffin will release harmful smoke and dust, in the production of scented candles, the raw materials began to rely on natural materials.

    The classification of natural wax mainly includes soybean wax, beeswax and vegetable wax.

    Throughout the entire market, soy wax is the mainstream product of scented candles, and it is widely used from a low price of one hundred yuan to a high-end one thousand yuan. The comparison of beeswax is concentrated in the middle-class and high-class scented candles. Carnauba wax-based vegetable waxes are mainly used for high-end scented candles.

    Because of its low cost and excellent burning effect, soy wax is the most used material for scented candles. It is made of 100% soybeans as raw materials, which turns into wax after gasification.

    Compared with the burning time of paraffin wax, the same volume of soy wax can burn 30%-50% longer. The raw material of pure soy wax has a melting point of only 46.5~54.4°C. Unlike our general lighting paraffin, soy wax will not burn at all if it drops on the surface of human skin.

    However, in many finished scented candles, a small amount of paraffin or beeswax is mixed with soy wax to preserve the aroma of the candle. If you buy a scented candle made of soy wax every day, you can tell whether the paraffin wax is too much and shoddy by dropping the wax directly to feel hot.

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