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Analyze the five major challenges of the global packaging and p


    In the era of increasing progress, the packaging and printing industry has made considerable progress. Although the development prospects are considerable, there are also challenges in the middle. The global packaging and printing industry is currently facing five major challenges.

    1. The growth of sales and profits is not proportional

    The rapid renewal of printing equipment has led to a decline in production efficiency to some extent. While downsizing is an effective measure to fill sales, price competition is still a major problem faced by packaging printers.

    2. Labor shortage

    In the manufacturing sector, it is a fact that there is a shortage of labor. Experienced technical employees retire and young employees look for other forms of employment opportunities. The shortage of talents greatly restricts the development of the packaging and printing industry.

    3. The arrival of the digital printing trend

    Digital printing is the best printing method in the packaging and printing industry, but due to various reasons, digital printing will not be popularized in the short term.

    4. Enterprises are facing expansion

    Most packaging and printing companies focus on finding new customers in new markets. This is an effective way for manufacturers to increase revenue and increase sales.

    5. The whole industry faces consolidation

    Intensified external competition has also brought a great impact on the development of packaging and printing companies.

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