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7 Key Features of Live Streaming Apps

  • When selecting a live streaming app that will suit your needs, it’s important to carefully consider your goals for your content and weigh them up against the features available on individual cloud platforms.To get more news about moonlive, you can visit official website.

    Let’s review the seven key features to look for when trying to find the best live streaming apps for your needs.When users watch your live stream, you want them to have the best, most fluid experience possible. Adaptive bitrate streaming is an important feature that makes a great viewing experience possible.

    For those who are dealing with poor-quality internet connections, buffering a live stream is a common occurrence. After a while, frequent buffering can cause users to become frustrated and abandon your live stream altogether.

    With adaptive bitrate streaming, different streams with varying bitrates are served to users based on the strength of their internet connections. So, a user who has a stronger internet connection will be given a higher-quality version of your live stream than someone with a weaker connection.

    To do this, the video player detects any fluctuations in internet connections and processing capacity, automatically upgrading or downgrading the stream’s bitrate. The user just sees a smooth, great-looking live streaming video.

    Multi-Bitrate Streaming
    In order for your live streaming app to be able to offer that adaptive bitrate streaming to all audience members, it must first create your stream in multiple bitrates.

    The right live streaming video app has built-in automatic transcoding, which allows you to push your content out to your audience at a variety of bitrates without ever having to think about it.

    Multi-bitrate streaming takes the images you collect from your camera, in the RAW files, and automatically transcodes the stream into versions that will be playable on a variety of HTML5 devices and internet connection speeds.This helps you serve up the format best suited for your users without extra work on your part.