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You can find The Onyx Watchtower southeast

  • You can find The Onyx Watchtower southeast of the region’s main town D2R Items: Ked Bardu. Here, you’ll need to fight your way through the bandits to raze their encampment and clear the way to the watchtower. You can then find and kill Captain Ezmin, who has a habit of turning invisible, all while explosives emit blinding smoke to confuse you further. Upon his death and the rekindling of the Wanderer’s Shrine, you’ll unlock some merchants and a waypoint.

    Temple of Rot
    The Temple of Rot is towards the south and a little bit west, close to Mersa. Make sure you bring some poison resistance with you, as monsters can inflict the deadly status condition. Approach it from the southeast before killing the monsters in The Garden, The Courtyard, and The Temple. This opens up a barrier leading into a monster’s lair. Kill it, and the spawn that shoots out of it upon death, and you’ll cleanse the area.

    The Ruins of Qara-Yisu
    This set of ruins is to the southeast of the Dry Steppes region. Here, you’ll need to explore the ruins and destroy three Infernal Spires. This will awaken a shaman named Utulku, who you need to defeat to complete the Stronghold.

    This Stronghold is the one in the middle of the swamp. While here, you’ll need to explore the area to find and destroy some Serpent’s Eyes. This opens up the Serpent’s Eye door, which is filled with murderous cultists cheap D2R ladder items. You’ll then need to venture further until you find Dianthus, who needs killing to complete the Stronghold.