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We are now two weeks away from the launch of Diablo 4

  • We are now two weeks away from the launch of Diablo 4, hopefully enough time to get a bunch of Tears of the Kingdom in Diablo 2 Resurrected Items, and then that’s a few weeks before Final Fantasy XVI. But Diablo 4 is meant to be a live game with yearly seasons in addition to upcoming full expansions, so it’s going to be far from a one-and-done launch. We’ll see what other changes might slip in before release here based on Server Slam feedback.

    I am very curious about a very specific race going on this year. While there are many big releases happening in 2023 after a series of 2021-2022 delays, there are caveats to most of them.

    Games like Redfall and Starfield are Xbox exclusives and will not “sell” in the traditional sense due to launching on Game Pass. Tears of the Kingdom will be massive, but is only on Switch. Same for Final Fantasy XVI and potentially Spider-Man 2, only on PlayStation.

    However, there are two, possibly three exceptions to this. We don’t know exactly what Call of Duty is doing this year. Some sort of $70 offering, possibly a fully new game, but it seems like it may be something tied directly to MW2. Therefore I wonder if it will sell as monstrously as a normal installment would.

    That leaves two games I’m watching, Diablo 4 and Hogwarts Legacy buy D2R ladder items, and I am wondering which will outsell the other, as both are multiplatform and not exclusive to any one system. And bigger than other third party games are likely to be, such as Jedi Survivor (even if that’s great).