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How to repair Foam Dispenser Pump?

  • Do you know how to repair the foam soap dispenser when it doesn't work? Continue reading this article, you will understand the exact operation process.

    1: Unscrew the lid from the soap container, and then remove the dispenser pump assembly. Wipe the dispenser tube with a paper towel, and then immerse the entire assembly (including the pump and tube) in warm water. Let stand for 5 minutes. The water dissolved the solidified soap. If the pump is not dispensing soap, this procedure can solve the problem. If the spring breaks, this procedure will clean the pump and make it easier to disassemble.

    2: If your soap dispenser still does not work, you may need to do more work. If possible, unscrew the pump tank from the nozzle. The cheap pumps on the shampoo and soap bottles are often fused together and do not separate. Separate the reservoir from the nozzle, and then remove the spring. Replace the spring with the same spring.

    3: If the distribution tube is too short or kinked, it can also be replaced. Normally, you can pull it out of the reservoir tube. You should be able to find a substitute in the plastic pipe section of the hardware store. Reassemble the pump and pump hot water to remove it. After confirming that all the logs are dissolved, screw it back onto the soapbox.

    4: If none of these steps solve your pump problem, it may be because the internal seal is damaged. If so, please do not attempt to repair it. Even if it can, it is easier and more reliable to just buy a new pump.

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