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Introduction of Trigger Sprayer

  • The design of the trigger sprayer pump is very simple and can be used with multiple parts to ensure that the pumping action delivers the liquid as a spray into the bottle. A small pump can be started by pulling the trigger lever with a few fingers. The pump is connected to a plastic tube that draws cleaning fluid from the bottom of the inner container of the bottle. The pump presses the liquid into a narrow barrel and comes out of a small hole in the spray valve.

    There is a small spring inside the shroud, once it is pulled back by the trigger, the spring will compress the fluid. The moving piston compresses the spring, so when you release the trigger, you push the piston back out of the washer. These two strokes of the piston move the cylinder out again and contribute to the entire pump cycle.

    This withdrawal movement causes the cylinder to contract and forces the fluid to flow out as a one-way system. After the trigger is released, this action allows the process to be repeated without any transmission problems. Depending on the type of pump and the delivery solution, slightly different designs are used.

    Application scope:

    1. Garden and insecticide sprays.
    2. Furniture polish.
    3. Household chemicals and cleaning agents.
    4. Car wash, air freshener sprayer, glass cleaner, hair care, pet care, etc.
    5. You can use any spray effect you need.

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