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Brass Hose Fittings Supplier Introduces What Is A Fitting


    In manufacturing, hydraulic systems need to be used, and the installation of them also requires a certain degree of attention. From the perspective of the entire system, there are mainly hydraulic accessories, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders, and oil pipe installations. Below, Steel Hose Fittings Company introduces the precautions for installing hydraulic accessories:

    1. In order to keep these accessories in good working condition, you should be familiar with the debugging methods and use requirements of the equipment. In order to properly maintain and troubleshoot the equipment, it is also necessary to understand the installation method of the components in the equipment.

    2. Clean with kerosene before installation, and self-made important parts should be sealed and pressure tested. The test is carried out in stages, and the test pressure should be checked each time the test pressure increases. Do not mistakenly install similar appearance parts, such as safety valves, pressure reducing valves, and sequence valves. All pressure-regulating springs should be loosened during assembly, and the pressure-regulating springs should be tightened gradually during commissioning.

    3. The axis of the directional control valve should be installed horizontally. For parts with sealing rings at the inlet and outlet, first, check whether the sealing rings meet the requirements during installation. Before installation, the sealing ring should extend out of the installation plane to ensure a certain amount of compression after installation to prevent leakage.

    4. When installing the panel hydraulic joints, the fixing screws should be tightened gradually in a certain order so that the installation plane of the hydraulic fittings is in good contact with the plane of the bottom plate.