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Hose Fittings Manufacturers Introduces The Storage Characterist


    The application of hydraulic accessories plays an irreplaceable role. It has a variety of application types, taking hydraulic pumps as an example. During its production and processing, the pump is usually prefabricated. When not in use, the parts of the hydraulic pump are usually storage racks, and the placement device is used for storage and transportation. However, the existing ordinary trolleys are simple in structure, high in hydraulic pressure, and the corresponding metal fittings are generally heavy. under,Hose Fittings Manufacturers introduced the storage requirements of hydraulic fittings:

    1. It is inconvenient for hoisting during storage and transportation, and it is easy to cause large collisions during storage and transportation, which may cause damage and generate loud noises, which will bring inconvenience to the storage and transportation of hydraulic pump accessories.

    2. The portable hydraulic accessory storage device includes a base and a frame. The bottom of the base is provided with movable wheels, the tray is located above the frame, the tray is provided with rubber pads, the wheel frame is provided with movable wheels, and the outer surface of the movable wheels is provided with rubber pads. The side frame is equipped with side limit plates.

    3. The front and rear sides of the frame are provided with movable limit blocks, and the inner side of the movable limit block is provided with a rubber plate. Therefore, there is a movable support rod on the outside of the frame, a support spring on the support rod, a positioning hole on the outside of the support sleeve rod, and a positioning pin on the inside.

    Through the above introduction,Adapters Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.